Move out of your comfort zone to expand your horizon insists Viresh Kant Ruia

Viresh Kant Ruia Comfort-ZoneMany people fear the unknown and with good reason too. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only opens you up to new challenges that you have to overcome. It may mean troubling times again. However, it may also mean new possibilities that bring even greater responsibilities in your life. On his Twitter page, Viresh Kant Ruia equates moving from comfort zones with drifting further away from the safety of shore.

In this instance shores offer steady ground. Open seas are often unpredictable and even large sections are uncharted territories. When you step away from the safety of the shore, you will face new situations that are different from what you are used to. While for many they are troubling times for others it is a time of new growth and reality.

Understand yourself better

It is important to understand that it is by trying new activities that you are able to discover the limit of your abilities. Reaching great heights of success sometimes calls for letting go of the safety line. You will understand yourself better in the light of new situations. You will be able to judge the capability of your skills as well.

Only when you are pushed to the limit of your capacity can you tell how you would react. It is not a reckless venture from what you know. Do not take unnecessary risks that may derail your focus from career growth. Take gradual changes into your life and introducing new things and ideas as well. Do not go about it blindly but have a sound plan. The venturing out of your comfort zone should fit with the goals you have for your life.

Open seas equals great opportunities

Always seek the opportunity in every new situation you find yourself in. If you feel discontent with your current life, any new life you take up should be one that changes your perspective and offers you great satisfaction. Always look for opportunity to attain this. Do not just focus on the challenges or toughness of the uncharted waters. Look into how you can use the new situations to turn your life around.

For Viresh Kant Ruia, new territory has always provided an opportunity to grow. He has always found great comfort in his skills during such times in unfamiliar territory. Life is about pushing limits within reason. You will never really understand what you can do until you push yourself into new ground. You venture out by trying new things, being open to alternative experiences. You may just surprise  yourself. You will attain great success when you are able to take calculated risks that will work for your greater good. Examine the areas in your life you want to change and weigh the risks you will take to effect changes.

Going back to familiar territory is allowed when new actions do not bring about the change that you are looking for. Push the power of your abilities and attain great achievements


Adjust to the changes in your life to cope better with life challenges quotes Viresh Kant Ruia

Life can sometimes be tough. With so many ups and downs, you will face many challenges that can really weigh you down. With so many aspects of life, you will not be sure where the upset will come from. It could be in your finances or in other personal issues in your life. When you are facing these difficulties, you may end up feeling overwhelmed thus unable to cope with the changes especially if they happen suddenly.

Viresh Kant Ruia believes coping with stressful situations can only be possible if someone adjusts their lives to accommodate the new changes. Stress usually arises when you live in denial of the situation happening. By accepting the situation you will be able to deal with the feelings it evokes in your life. Stress usually happens when you have to deal with the strong emotions that situations can bring about.

Time for bold decisions

Making changes requires you to make bold decisions sometimes. You have to totally cut back or add on to the actions you take on a daily basis in order to turn the situation around. You should accept that things do not always happen overnight. You can make gradual adjustments to your actions. When building a career, sometimes you should expect to deal with unwelcome situations.

You can fail critical exams or face other challenges that hinder your career’s progress. You should be ready to make the crucial changes that will allow you to pass the exams, for example. Sometimes the study habits you have are not adequate for some other courses. Identifying the areas you are weak at will enable you to make the necessary changes to turn things around. You will find you have passed your exams in no time.

Make conscious effort to make the changes

Many people make good plans to change but do not make the effort to turn things around. You should take conscious effort to make the changes. Open yourself to the possibilities of what happens after you make the changes. You will find the process easier when you each morning try to do something different as you had planned. You should force yourself to stop yourself every time you feel yourself slipping to the old habits.

For Viresh Kant Ruia, it is only by making changes that he is able to reach newer heights in his life. Even when he is at leisure, he is ever eager to reinvent himself. He understands this as the only way to embrace the changes that will happen in his life, both good and bad. During the tough times, you will understand your strengths better in how you respond to the challenges you face. You will be able to yield these strengths that you have in order to overcome the challenges that you face. Tough times should not be the ones to bring you to your knees. You should take the chance to learn from them and grow your strengths. Developing stress mechanism will help you survive those times.hqdefault

Self belief is important for personal success with Viresh Kant Ruia

Self belief is important for personal success with Viresh Kant RuiaIf you are looking to have a better life than what you have, then it is time you built the belief you have in yourself. Many people suffer from self-doubt. They do not think that they have what it takes to build a successful life. In this way, they live in fear of failing. They will not try anything new because they fear that they do not have it takes to succeed. This is where they are wrong.

When you doubt yourself, you will stagnate. You will not trust the abilities you have. You will always focus on the failures that you have had in the past. According to Viresh Kant Ruia, everything is possible if you believe that you can do it. You will not know what you can do until you take that first step of trying new things. If you have doubt in yourself, have no fear as it is possible to turn things around.

Process of Self-discovery

How you ask? You start by knowing yourself better. Being self-aware wakes you up to the possibilities of what you can do. Have a close look at yourself and try to understand who you are and what you think your purpose is. The process of self-discovery can be a scary one. You may not even like what you see in yourself. However, it is a vital step if you want to take on the world and overcome it.

In self-discovery, find out what your strengths are. These present the capabilities that you have. It involves looking at your personality as well as how it would work to your advantage. For Viresh Kant Ruia, his strengths include confidence, adventurous nature that allows him to try new things, friendly nature that allows him to build a stable social base of friends and families. From the strengths that you identify, you can use them as a spring to achieve the goals that you have in life. He has used these strengths to grow his career as a certified accountant.

What to do with weaknesses

Everyone has a weakness or two. For some, they give up easily while others fear the unknown. Knowing your weaknesses is good as it allows you to deal with them. Where you cannot erase them, you can try to find a way around them. You can partner with someone who counters the weakness you have for example. You can also amplify your strengths to overcome your weak sides.

Weaknesses feed to your self-doubt. You can counter this and have belief in your abilities if you focus on your strengths. Always keep in mind the successes no matter how small they seem as this allows you to see the possibility of achieving more than what you already have. You will appreciate yourself better and see yourself in the new light when you look back and see the many situations you overcame.

As Viresh Kant Ruia believes, situations no matter how bad they seem are meant to make people stronger than they were before. Only by knowing your ability can you believe in your capabilities of achieving success.

Focus helps Viresh Kant Ruia build a successful career in accounting

Focus helps Viresh Kant Ruia build a successful career in accountingBuilding a successful career is not easy but it is possible. It takes years of hard work that begins from the moment you make the decision on the career you want to follow. For Viresh Kant Ruia, climbing through the ranks in just six years has been a journey of great effort and focus. It has been satisfying so far but he still knows this is just the beginning.

When you have set your mind to get into the financial field, you have to know that you need to study hard to ace all the tests that turn you into the professional accountant you strive to be. Getting certified is not as easy as many think as the accounting body wants to ensure only the best-become accountants to provide creditable service.

The focus is an important element in your quest for certification. With so many things happening, you want not to be left out in the fun. Focus means making all effort to concentrate on all the actions you need to do in order to grow your career. With focus, you will overcome the temptations that will distract you from following through with your dream.

Focus is needed for Study

You should be ready for the tough courses and pass all the tests that will certify you as fully qualified in the field. Focus allows you to study effectively, efficiently and within a good time. Studying is not just to prepare you for exams. It is through studying that you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need for the job. You should ensure you fully place your mind to the processes of studying in order to acquire these. Preparing you for exams is secondary because when you fully study and understand the material, you will pass any question that you ever come across at an exam.

You need focus on work duties

The choices you make on where to work will determine how your career grows. Wrong choices will see you end up with a stagnating career or slow growth. Focus on drawing a career path that works. This guide will set you in the right direction of reaching the high levels of career growth. You will be happy with your choices. Focusing on the career path that you draw up will see you reach your career goals fast and in good time. be sure to make a choice of jobs that build up your accounting skills as this will help you take you to the next level of your career.

Like Viresh Kant Ruia, having a focus on the projection that your career takes will allow you to enjoy good job choices. You will also be happy with how your life turns up. Remember to make job choices according to what you want to achieve. If you like traveling, choose jobs that give you this option. As your career progresses, you will find you have more flexibility in the choices you make. You also have a guarantee of many perks.